Congressional Hispanic Conference Responds to Economic Figures

Jul 10, 2012


Washington, D.C. –Vice Chairman Congressman Francisco “Quico” Canseco (TX-23) and members Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-21) and Congressman Bill Flores (TX-17) made the following statements on the June jobs report and the slow economy’s effect on the Hispanic community:
“Once again, the American people have received another dismal jobs report that unfortunately has become the hallmark of the Obama economy.  Instead of a report showing robust job growth that would indicate a growing economy, the American people have learned that June is the 41st straight month that the unemployment rate has been above 8%, a mere 80,000 jobs were created, almost 13 million Americans are still without work, participating in the labor force continues to be at near historic lows because so many Americans have given up looking for work, and the real unemployment rate actually edged up to 14.9%. Instead of continuing to double down on his failed economic policies, President Obama should change course and call on the United States Senate to take up and consider the approximately 30 jobs bills that have been passed by the House of Representatives.  These bills have been developed from listening to the concerns of job creators across America, and the bills directly address their concerns.  We will only get the economy moving again when the federal government steps aside, reins in its spending, and allows the small businesses and entrepreneurs of America to do what they do best: create economic growth and jobs for Americans.  The House of Representatives will continue its work to pass measures that will provide support to our small businesses and allow for economic growth and job creation.” – Congressman Canseco 
“The June jobs figures – showing that unemployment topped 8 percent for the 41st straight month – illustrate the continuing failure of President Obama’s economic policies. Jobs are created by risk-taking entrepreneurship, not by redistributing wealth, suffocating businesses in regulations and red tape, or by placing the healthcare system in the clutches of government bureaucrats. What we need is to restore confidence by reducing and simplifying taxes and rolling back the intrusive reach of government. Instead, the Obama administration has sought in vain to create jobs by investing billions in habitually failing “green” energy companies , bird-killing windmills, and high-speed rail boondoggles whose main result is inevitably corruption and waste. The sooner this administration abandons its heavy-handed policies and its mania for central planning, the sooner our economy will begin to recover.”  -Congressman Nunes 
 “Once again the unemployment report continues to show that the president’s economic policies are holding our economy back. Our nation has experienced 41 consecutive months with an unemployment rate above 8 percent. When Americans who have become frustrated and have stopped looking for work are factored in, over 23 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed, making for a real unemployment rate of 14.9 percent. House Republicans remain committed to helping America recover by passing over 30 bills which will create jobs, spur economic growth and repeal Obamacare. As Americans continue struggle to find good-paying full-time jobs, it is time for Senate Democrats to take up and pass the dozens of House-passed bipartisan jobs bills that promote confidence for job creators and help get our economy back on track.” –Congressman Flores