Congressman Canseco Visits Fort Stockton, Talks Job Creation with Local Businesses and Residents

Jul 5, 2012


Washington, D.C. - Congressman Francisco “Quico” Canseco (TX-23), a former small business owner and proud representative of the 23rd District of Texas, spent the day in Fort Stockton this past Tuesday, where he had the opportunity to visit with local community leaders, local businesses and held a Congress on your Corner to meet local residents and listen to their concerns: 
“Traveling to communities throughout the district and talking with constituents firsthand about their needs and concerns is one of the most important ways I stay accountable to the people of the 23rd District of Texas.  On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of spending the day in Fort Stockton and talking with local businesses and residents there,” said Congressman Canseco. 
Congressman Canseco’s visit to Fort Stockton included several meetings with small businesses and local leaders.  His first stop of the day was at Pecos County Memorial Hospital, where he toured the facility with CEO Jim Horton and discussed the challenges of providing affordable, quality health care in rural areas like Fort Stockton, particularly the negative impacts of Obamacare on the hospital and the burden of out of control Washington regulations.  “Pecos County Memorial Hospital is truly an asset to the Fort Stockton and Pecos County community.  Providing quality, affordable health care is a challenge in any community, and is even harder in a rural community like Fort Stockton.  The 23rd District of Texas is home to numerous rural health care facilities, and I will continue working to protect the ability of residents in rural areas to have access to quality, affordable health care.”  
Congressman Canseco also stopped in to visit with several local businesses, including Rex’s Boot and Shoe Repair, American Energy Equipment Rental, West Texas State Bank, and Steak House Restaurant.  “The top concern I heard from local businesses was that we need to get the economy turned around and creating jobs, and that to do so we need to get Washington out of the way.  Local business owners told me how Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill, and Washington’s out-of-control spending and debt accumulation are negatively impacting their ability to spur the economy and create jobs.  For instance, I heard from West Texas State Bank how the over-regulation arising from the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill is preventing the bank from providing more capital to local job creators to expand their businesses and hire employees.  Other small business owners also discussed the negative impact Obamacare on their businesses, particularly the uncertainty about how they will pay health care costs.  Many of those I met with expressed their disappointment with the recent Supreme Court ruling and gave their strong support for a repeal of Obamacare,” said Canseco.  
During the Congress on your Corner, Congressman Canseco met residents at the local restaurant Bienvenidos and had the chance to hear about their concerns and priorities.  “I had the opportunity to meet with numerous local residents and hear about the issues that are important to them.  While I heard several concerns, I heard quite a bit about how the Death Tax negatively affects family farmers and ranchers, particularly how it prevents them from passing along the farm or ranch intact to future generations.  I understand the challenges this tax creates for these local businesses, which is why I am a proud co-sponsor of the Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act (H.R. 1259), which would repeal this unfair tax and ensure that Americans can continue the tradition of passing along the fruits of their labor to future generations without interference from the federal government.,” said Canseco. 
“I always enjoy the opportunity to meet with the constituents of the 23rd District of Texas.  It allows me to take their common-sense feedback with me to the House of Representatives as we work on solutions to get our nation and economy turned around,” concluded Congressman Canseco. 
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