Opinion-Editorial: 1,000 Days

Feb 2, 2012


Earlier this week, President Obama addressed the nation regarding the current “state of our union.”  His speech, like the many he has given in the past, focused on dividing our nation, claiming hollow victories and deflecting attention from his own failed economic record. 
While President Obama was speaking, a significant milestone was passed.  Yesterday marked 1,000 days since the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate has passed a budget.  For more than three years, President Obama and the Senate Democrats have refused to be bound by a budget of spending priorities. 
President Obama would like us to believe that our country’s economic woes are the fault of the current Congress.  The President knows that’s not the truth, and our economy will not begin to recover and grow until he takes responsibility for his very expensive, failed policies and charts a new course. 
Our country is not in its current economic situation because – as the President believes – we tax folks too little.  We cannot begin to grow our economy if we continue to keep job creators on the sidelines because of the burdens of ObamaCare, gross federal over spending and laborious regulations. 
Congressman Quico Canseco was correct when he said, “we’ve seen our nation’s credit rating downgraded, heard warning after warning about the perilous fiscal path our nation has been headed down, and watched the European debt crisis unfold as a preview of what could happen to the United States. Yet, we’re right back where we’ve been before. Instead of considering a proposal to cut spending and put our nation back onto a sustainable fiscal path, President Obama is asking us to borrow more money so we can keep on spending.” 
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