Rep. Francisco "Quico" Canseco takes home the Most Innovative and Resourceful Facebook award

Dec 14, 2012


Washington, May 7 - May 7th, 2012 under Texas on the Potomac
By Caroline Ward 
The use of social media is becoming more and more important in American life. Even in American politics. 
Historically technophobic, lawmakers are being forced to adapt to the world of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr and Instagram — just a few of the major players in the realm of virtual connection. 
After analyzing the social media use of each of member of the U.S. Congress from the Lone Star State, Texas on the Potomac’s Caroline Ward has created the “aWards” to reWard the good, the bad and the ugly in Texas delegation social media usage. 
Now may we have the envelopes, please… 
Call the social media CPS! Rep. Al Green receives the Social Media Neglect aWard for failure to communicate with his constituents via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With the fewest Facebook likes (692), sporadic Facebook posts, the fewest tweets (68), following the fewest people on Twitter (15) and only 15 videos and six subscribers on his YouTube channel, the Democrat from Houston displays his unwillingness (or inability) to mass-communicate with his constituents. This may have been acceptable in 2008, when these resources were on the brink of changing the world, but in 2012, this is unacceptable. 
Sen. John Cornyn receives the Trifecta aWard for his excellence in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The Republican from San Antonio has the most Facebook likes with 21,593, the most Tweets with 6,275 and 623 subscribers on his YouTube channel, only second to Ron Paul who has 21,895 subscribers. 
The Luddite aWard goes to Ralph Hall. As the only member of the Texas delegation without a Twitter account and one of two without a YouTube channel, the Republican from Rockwall is the oldest member of congress who turned 90 on May 3. He does, however, have a Facebook. How many 90 year olds do you know who have a Facebook?
Rep. Francisco “Quico” Canseco takes home the Most Innovative and Resourceful Facebook aWard for using a combination of outlets in a creative way. The Republican from San Antonio posts weekly recaps on his Facebook from each week in Washington in the form of YouTube videos. Constituents can connect easier with Quico because of these videos, which are more personal than a press release. He also has a feature where viewers can see the progress of legislation in graphic form; each piece of legislation is organized by issue. 
Being recognized for his effective use of Facebook’s most recent format is Rep. Kenny Marchant. Many have been resistant to the timeline format of Facebook, but the Republican from Coppell is utilizing the new feature as a way for those who ‘like’ him to know more about his life and history. His profile includes the most significant milestones in his life, as well as pictures and colorful detail describing his past. Congratulations to Kenny Marchant for the Timeline Master aWard. 
Rep. Kevin Brady’s calendar of events on Facebook is easily accessible and full of events. Anyone who wants to know the Republican from the Woodlands’ agenda can go directly to his events section on Facebook. Since August of 2009, this section has been frequently updated. Congratulations to Kevin Brady for the Pencil-You-In aWard. 
With his diligent updating of his RSS feed on Facebook, Henry Cuellar earns the Best Use of RSS aWard for using this tool to publicize his press releases through another outlet. 
Voters want to elect a representative, not a politician. Social media is a great way to publicize the work that the member of congress does outside of Washington (volunteering, school events, speaking at district events, etc.) and his or her personality and interests. Rep. Pete Sessions is receiving the Typical Politician aWard. His profile and cover photos depict a politician, not a representative, with the official congressional photos and Sessions speaking at the Capital Building. Generally speaking, they are nice pictures. The Republican from Dallas is quite photogenic; he isn’t sneezing, blinking, frowning or the like, but represented as a typical politician can be dangerous. Show us who you really are, Pete. 
A special aWard goes to Rep. John Carter. As the only Texas representative with the audacity to post a profile picture portraying his right to bear arms, the Republican from Round Rock has been given the Gun-Totin’ aWard. 
Rep. Sam Johnson has earned the Texas Pride aWard. In his profile picture, he is wearing jeans and a cowboy hat and his cover photo is a cutout of the Texas flag that spells “TEXAS.” The Republican from Plano exemplifies the pride that Texans wear on their sleeves while avoiding the typical politician persona. Kudos to Johnson for being himself. 
The Longhorn Pride aWard goes to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Her cover photo shows that her collegiate school spirit toward the University of Texas is still strong, and the Republican from Dallas is willing to risk Aggie votes to prove it. 
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